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I know too many people I can send this too. Sad to say I am more grandma that I had cared to admit! 1) You complain about modern culture too much. LIke people saying "bae" (which I hate grrr!), Rihanna's latest outfit, etc 2) You love to sit around and complain about how saggy your body parts have gotten 3) You rather stay in and drink tea until its bed time 4) You complain too much about pains and aches, such as back pains 5) When you see a bunch of "youngins" on the street, you shake your head 6) You love to come home and complain about all the people that have annoyed you today 7) You fantasize about how fun retirement will be 8) You don't understand fashion over value concept 9) You bicker about silly things
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You and me @fallingwater, you and me both.
oh man...... lolzzz
none of these is true about me
@JigglyPuff23803 Lucky you!! :P
@min81 how many did you get?