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I want to see this full film so badly; but who knows when it'll finally make it to be available for my viewing pleasure. This film shows an amazing ascent by Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk (who all have a long history with Nat. Geo) up Shark’s Fin on Mount Meru in the Garwhal Himalaya. It seems to be really high-stakes in the trailer, especially considering Chin didn't want to give the ascent a try again after their last failure. Why do we go to the mountains? Why do we climb them, hike them, love them? This film tells that story (it seems!) and also about the friendship that comes a long with it. I might not be a rock climber, but I can relate to the story of finding strength in each other, and learning how much to trust those you are exploring with.
I definitely think we'll be able tos ee it soon, especially since it won Audience Choice!
@happyrock @yakwithalan I heard it might be on netflix or amazon instant video soon :)
@yakwithalan I'm not sure exactly!
Looks great! Any idea when we will be able to see it?