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Cotton Candy Bun
Just in case your ran out of time to do your hair on that special day. This teased bun can turn your frizzy mess into an effortless chignon or I like to call it the "cotton candy bun." Have your hair tie, teasing brush, bobby pins and a hair spray ready! 1. Ponytail your hair at the top. 2. Section and spray. 3. Tease. Tease. And tease. 4. Grab the ends of this crazy mess, form a bun and secure it. 5. Do a final spray and you're done!
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How fun is this!?!! I love the intentionally teased look, it really does look like cotton candy!
3 years ago·Reply
The bun looks so light and fluffy! This would be perfect with a cotton candy pink dress.
3 years ago·Reply
How fun! I would totally try this today but my hair is too soft after doing the egg oil mask last night.
3 years ago·Reply
The bun's cute, but I wouldn't mind going outside like picture #4. It's cool to me for some reason lol
3 years ago·Reply