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After their child’s third birthday, these parents decided that they were going to do something extra special to celebrate the kid turning four. They certainly succeeded. Outside of a tyrannosaurus rex or a tyrannosaurus rex that shoots lasers, there’s nothing a little boy wants more than their own secret treasure room. When Sarah Goer and her husband discovered a disused storage space attached to their son's room, they decided to convert it into a Secret Treasure Room. For years, they concealed the room's entrance with a dresser, waiting for the perfect moment – their son's fourth birthday – to reveal its existence. == There was a treasure hunt around the house with clues on The Boy's birthday morning for him to find his gift. His last clue was to push on the dresser to slide it over. He needed a bit of help since it was “really, really hard.” Then he could see the door. “What do you see?” I asked. “That door there,” he declared. Me: “What do you think we should do?” The Boy: “I think we should peek inside it.” Me: “What do you think is in there?” The Boy: “Some treasure is in there." He walked in wide eyed and asked, “where is my birthday present?” Me: “You are in your birthday present.” The Boy: “What is it?” Me: “It is a whole room.” “A treasure room!” As he took it in he got very excited and declared that he would show it to everyone. I gave him the tour of the room. “Oh, this is pretty cool, mother.” Then it really sank in. “A secret treasure room! I like this room so much,” he jumped up and down. “Thank you father and mother.” Here he is enjoying his birthday bedtime story with dad in the secret treasure room.
that is super AWESOME
O man. I am not 4, but I want that room. Awesome parents :)