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So this is sick. Some very awesome things are happening in the Philippines and it has got me all sorts of excited. These guys are shredding up Don Salvador on Negros Island, and it seriously looks like a paradise. If I had the money (and I totally don't) I'd be scheduling a trip
@mikerosa92 if you ever want to go, let me know. I can tell you where the best uninhabited beaches are. I lived there for 11 years, and I've been visiting frequently in the last 5 years!
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@filirican @alaincasimiro you know it! ;)
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@mikerosa92 schedule a trip in visayas bro! haha they have a never ending longboard event :) enjoy the people, food, climate, as well as be stoked! haha
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I'm going to South Korea to visit my dad who is in the army and stationed there sometime in the summer or for spring break and I plan on bringing my board with me. I'm so excited
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@mpoblete Hell yeah, I'll definitely let you know. Maybe it time to start saving for a trip!!
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