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When we read books, we don't expect to find errors. When we want to enjoy a poem or piece of writing, errors and awkward grammar that isn't done for a purpose can take away from trying to really feel what the author was trying to convey. But I've seen a lot of writers who don't think they need to edit, because if they were to publish, someone would do that for them. And they're absolutely right! I mean, an editors whole job is based around fixing up the words that an author writes. But does that mean that we never have fix our writing? No, no it doesn't. Absolutely not. If you're looking to get feedback on your work, you should absolutely do a base edit. Otherwise, the errors will detract from the writing so much that you might not be able to get valuable feedback, as the reader will be caught up on the writing. Additionally, editing can help YOU learn more about your writing! Did you make a weird leap in logic? Did you not research one section of your work too much? Called the wrong character a certain name? All of these things can be cleaned up by the author. And that's not doing the editors job for the them: an editors job isn't just about copy edits, but about things the author /cannot possibly/ see for themselves, like gaps in understanding that are caused by the author having so much knowledge of a subject that they don't even realize that anything is missing form the text, because it's in their brain. I'm getting off point: my point is, I think editing does matter. Even if just posting something for a quick bit of feedback, it does you good to edit. People will be able to enjoy your writing more, and really respond to that, rather than to the mistakes. Don't worry too much, though, as mistakes are completely natural!
@orenshani7 Great advice :) If you want someone to spend time reading, then you should spend the right amount of time writing AND editing, too!
Proof check, then proof check 3 times more, then post and proof check again and edit and fix and repost. And if you read again something you wrote a year ago and find a typo, edit and fix that too. You owe your readers at least that much.
Of course it matters! And of course there are times when it doesn't really matter, unless you want to be sure that you're clearly understood.
@danidee Yes! I love doing that. I also like to read it out loud to friends, because I'll realize if something sounds weird or not how I'd want to share it if I hesitate in sharing it with them.
Printing it out and reading it aloud always helps me. You end up finding random typos or words that don't work together as well as you thought they did when you arranged them that way.