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Teddy Bear the Porcupine Predicts Super Bowl XLIX Winner
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I've never heard of this porcupine. I have never been a fan of these kind of things. I am not even a fan of that weather mole thing that they do in the US (my family and I all find that pretty weird lol). But... it seems like this porcupine has been on a roll (bad pun, I know lol). Either way, I think that he (or she?) made a good choice in selecting the Seattle Seahawks. The Hawks not only have a stronger defense, but also pose a strong offense. Their defense, though, will be what will ultimately decide the game. If their defense plays to its potential, it should be able to shut down the Pats. So, anyone care to agree (or disagree) with this pointy prophet?
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he gots it wrong. although he shoulda got it right if it wasnt for that crazy call by Bevell