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Cats Dressing Like Their Owners
Forget about couple matching outfits, these cats and owner(s) style expression are much more fun to look at. The Bold Italics photographed stylish San Fran. cat owners wearing the same outfits as their pets, the amazing photo series is pure gold. 1. Everything about this is awesome, don't get me start on the backdrop! 2. Stripes on stripes on stripes! Let's hear some music playing. 3. Okay I'm not a big fan of faux fur but I wonder how the cat feels with the add wig and extra...fur. 4. I think Lorde would approve this look. 5. Little Red Riding Hood minus the big bad wolf, because you got the cute kitty in hand. 6. The chambray family is just too cute. 7. This dude and his cat sure knows how to rock it out.
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