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Forget the treadmill and elliptical. Torch body fat faster with these cardio-free exercise tips. As long as you're not training for an endurance sport, it's more than feasible to replace traditional cardio with lifting. However, the exercises you choose, while important, are not the main factor in determining the cardiovascular training effect; the key is how you perform them. A lot of guys who go to the gym really can't stand the notion of hopping onto a treadmill and watching reruns of Full House. If you're one of those who prefer to avoid conventional cardio training, here are some lifting exercises you can do that help build your cardio endurance without keeping you stationary and bored out of your mind. Follow these guidelines to turn your lifting program into a fat-burning frenzy, via the link below: http://bit.ly/1wDOeZ1
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im becoming serious (again) about working out! this may be doable for a beginner working out on my own! thxx for the post--keep em coming! :)
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