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Gayoung in inside Jaehyuk's apartment!! She's begging him to undo the damage he's done to Youngul's business!"He's been out all day! We don't even know what he might have done to himself! Don't you think you went a little too far for competition? He must be going through so much right now, don't you feel sorry for him?" Gayoung is practically on her knees at this point."What about me, huh? When im going through so much for you, don't you feel any of that towards me??". For a second she doesn't talk, then:" Listen, i am NOT moving from this sofa until you change your mind!". Jaehyuk tries to ask her to leave, grabs her by the arm, try to get her out!" Fine! Do whatever that suits you!" Next thing Jaehyuk does is...UNDRESS HIMSELF IN FRONT OF HER >< >Youngul is downstairs waiting for her to come down. She spends the night on Jaehyuk's sofa! Youngul, can't sleep, spends the night back in his room waiting. Jaehyuk wakes up to find her there, on his sofa. He looks at her...Suddenly, her phone is ringing. It's Youngul calling! Guess who gets the call?? NO HE DIDN'T JUST TAKE HIS CALL!!!" Dont you think it's a little too early to call?" says Jaehyuk with such malicious tone. Boiling in the inside and totally taken aback, Youngul tries to keep his cool:" Why are you the one with her phone? Put her on Right-Now!" Youngul says. "Why wuld i be doing that for you?" says jaehyuk." Because it's my Woman right there." Says Youngul Grinding his teeth together! That was the Most Romantic thing ever >< > Jaehyuk hangs up, and does the unimaginable! Delete Youngul's phone call history from Gayoung's phone and turns off. She wakes up, not a single idea about what happened between these two Romeos fighting over her, Sleeping beauty. BUT!! Jaehyuk's mother suddenly comes in!! Sees Gayoung and says:"So you're giving a fine one such hard time only to settle for one like this?" She basically looks at her like some Trashy street girl, and order her guards to take her out! Unbelievable! Jaehyuk, goes ballistic!! He screams at his mom like never before, she slaps him! Gayoung is just shocked with all of what's going on and freeezes in her place! Jaehyuk still stands up for Gayoung and punches the guards in the face! Holds her hands:" Mother, leave me!! Leave my place!!" His mum can't believe he just treated her so. She leaves with her eyes all full of tears...JAehyuk is shacking, reaching for his next breath.."im so sorry.." Says Gayoung with such a little voice." Will you be okay?" says Jaehyuk, only caring For -HER- >OLAter, Youngul still comes to Jaehyuk's office to talk him out of that decision. He plays the Gayoung card and makes him even madder! Jaehyuk is called by his mother, leaves Youngul and goes meet her. She called Anna Too."You, don't you know that people are calling you my daughter in law already?" says to Anna. "MUM! What the heck?" screams jaehyuk, stuck between the two ladies talking about him as if he isn't even there."I had no idea, madame" Anna says."Well, your man, you protect him! You heard me?". says his mother to her and left. Ep 11 part 3:
@YChase007 i completely agree, how come he acts like a child.... but i still like the scene where he takes off his shirt WAHAHAHAHA
Mister JH when are you going to learn to think before you act... did they ever disclose his age. Upbringing plays so much on a person. GY pobrecita' all in her 21 year old naivety - one day you will get it. YG... communication is key tsk tsk tsk