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Wow!!! I am gonna start eating even more of these foods! Especially sunflower seeds! I love them so much! Oneday I plan on getting these vitamins as well, has anybody ever tried them? If so, how do you like them. -Salmon. Vitamin D and protein can result to stronger hair. -Sweet potatoes. For healthy scalp and hair growth, beta carotene can greatly help. -Beans. They can be a source of zinc, minerals, B vitamins, fiber, protein, and vitamin C, which are great for hair growth. -Avocado. The benefits that this fruit can give is widely known and it was the early Egyptians who discovered them. -Walnuts. Omega-3 fatty acids, which promotes hair growth, can also be found in this type of nut. -Oyster. This seafood is rich in zinc. -Eggs. They are loaded with vitamins A, D, and E. -Sunflower seeds. They contain calcium, zinc, protein, selenium, omega 3-fatty acids, copper, B vitamins, vitamin E, biotin, potassium, iron, and magnesium, which can all help in preventing hair loss. -Lentils. These legumes are loaded with iron, protein, biotin, and zinc. -Spinach. This leafy vegetable is packed with iron, vitamin c, beta carotene, and folate. -Bell peppers. Vitamin C is known to be the best friend of the skin and hair, aside from the body’s immune system. -Beef. For healthy hair, a good amount of protein in our body is needed. -Greek yogurt. It’s time to go to the grocery and look for low-fat Greek yogurt.
Good thing I love ALL of these foods!! Thanks for sharing @princessbri2!!!
@flymetothemoon no problem!
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Could you list the foods here? I'd like to read them on the card!