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So today I went to go Longboarding and o picked up my gloves and put them on when I noticed this rip. Idk how it got there. I'm left handed so I haven't even used the right one except once or twice and that side of the glove hasn't even touched the ground. Idk what their warranty is like on their products. But needless to say I'm not happy right now.
learn to sew
@NickRadis I just want to not grab rail and be able to 180, pendy, and shutdown
@NickRadis so far I've been grabbing rail which I don't want to. But 180s are easy just can't really ride away from yet. Shutdowns can't do because I just 180 Everytime I try.
Cole mans are super easy for me to do a 180 on but kinda hard to get up
@mikerosa92 idk how to sew but i go to a local dry cleaners that also does sewing. The asian ladies are really nice there. And they do a good job.
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