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Eun Gi and Ma Ru's roles are really reversed now.. Remember when Ma ru kissed her on her check and this time Eun Gi gives Maru a kiss on his cheek while he's sleeping... and at the end of the episode, Maru and Eun Gi are kissing again. Eun gi gives a scary expression in her eyes which reminds me of Maru's eyes when they first kissed at Hirosaki Castle. Now that Eun gi remembers everything, what will happen to their relationship? T^T No more revenge, please (╯°□°)╯
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@jenny oh i havent see it till now the site i watch it in havent even subtitle the 15 but seeing this pics make me sad already
Eun Gi pls don not revenge on Maru.. Bad writer!! your just making these couple more miserable
YuAn20 i know.. i'm already so heartbroken
@neaa so glad to know im not the only one feeling this way..
haha..we're a lot in the league.. with tissues in hand!