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There are a few simple steps you can take at night to not only wake up fabulous but to have healthier skin, hair, and teeth for life! In total, these changes will only take you 10 minutes max, so what are you waiting for?! Not Removing Makeup: This is the number one rule of beauty and skincare. If you think of makeup as a foreign, unnatural substance, would you still happily sleep with it on your face with it sinking into your pores? Probably not. Take that gunk off!! It only takes a few minutes to swipe off the makeup and you'll find that you have less breakouts and a more even skin tone thanks to this little change. Pulling Up Your Hair Tight: Sometimes you just want your hair off your face, out of your way, and in a nice tight ballerina bun. Don't do it! You can cause some serious hair breakage, and in some cases, a receding hairline (yikes!). Let your hair relax and be free! Checking Your Phone: Refreshing Facebook, refresh Instagram, we all do it. If you want to actually go to sleep and sleep soundly, you need to separate yourself from that phone!! Studies have shown that looking at a bright screen less than two hours before you go to sleep wakes your brain up, so going to sleep will be much harder. Plus, you’ll get less sleep and wake up with bags under your eyes (not cute!) Skimping On Brushing And Flossing Teeth: No, your dentist didn't pay me to say this. A simple brushing will help out with that morning breath and will stop any cavities in their tracks! It's a 3 minute activity, just brush them!! Staying Up Too Late: Studying, texting, reading, whatever...don't sacrifice sleep for any of it! Lack of sleep leads to puffiness, an uneven skin tone, those nasty bags under your eyes, and an increased appetite! Do yourself a favor and catch some much needed Zzzzs. Drinking or Eating Sugar Right Before Bed: Eating anything very close to bed time is not a good idea in general, but be extra wary of sugars (and salt!). It will mess with your sleeping pattern and could leave to puffiness in your face the next day. Put that soda back in the fridge! Not Switching Your Pillowcase Often: Your face and hair touches your pillowcase every day. Think about how often you wash a T-shirt, 3 wears max, right? Same should apply to your pillowcase. Switch it out for a clean one about once a week to get rid of the bacteria and prevent breakouts. Not Applying Hand/Cuticle Cream: Hands show the first sign of aging for women, and they are the parts of our body that get used the most throughout the day. Slather on hand lotion or cuticle cream so that it can really soak in while you sleep.
I can't sleep without taking off my makeup! Unless its like a plane trip or a car ride, but if its a full overnight sleep I have to wash my face!
I absolutely can't have anything salt or carb heavy before bed. I wake up feeling hungry and grumpy.
So bad at checking my phone!
Applying lotion to the entire body (even your feet!) is great to do before bed to wake up with smoother skin :)
While I don't floss my teeth every night, I can't imagine not brushing my teeth before bed!
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