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Would you try out a new health trend that claims to detox skin, give you more energy, and reduce cellulite?! Probably yes, right? Well, apparently that is what "skin brushing" can do for you. Now before we get crazy and start stroking your leg with a hairbrush, let's actually figure out what on earth this skin treatment is. What is Skin Brushing? Skin brushing uses a special brush that is designed to get rid of dead skin and exfoliate in a totally new way. The technique is meant to reduce toxins, promote energy, and reduce cellulite. All things I like! The trick is that the brushing is only done when your skin is dry (preferably daily before showering) Does Skin Brushing Work? Similar to a massage which enhances blood flow and breaks up those scary signs of cellulite, it helps any waste (build up of cells or toxins) move out of the way! Many skin brushers (what an odd thing to call yourself) say that they also feel more energized simply because of the increased blood flow! How Do You I Do This at Home? There is not need to waste any time or money on a spa trip (though wouldn't it be nice to have a spa day?) It's really all about the brush. You can find this specific tool at health food stores, making sure that is is made of non-synthetic material. Then, pre-shower (on dry skin!) you can stroke stress and toxins away. Beginning at the bottom of your feet, stroke upward until you get to the torso and shoulder area. After you finish, your pores will be opened due to the exfoliation and you blood will be pumping harder all over your body. Shower as normal :) Has anyone tried this? I want to give it a go but am not ready to buy the brush yet.
I dry skin brush and absolutely love it! One important thing not mentioned on this card is that you should always brush towards your heart. For instance, start at feet and only brush upward, not up and down like a scrub. on your arms, brush upwards towards your heart and always long strokes.
when i do try this imma brush from shoulders down... something about starting at my feet doesn't appeal to me xP lol
Just came across this post and I have to say good information. Skin brushing is basically exfoliating. You don't need a brush to get the same effect. A loofah will work the same if you use it with essential oil.
I wish I could try this without getting the brush first though :/
You've got me interested, that's for sure!
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