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i made this specially for you neha, reyam and jenny... hahaha ... it was really fun reading your convos about song joong ki.. so this is specially made for you..^^ lol i'll give you the choice of who you are in this comic strip...^^
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good afternoon jenny!! ^^ see yah later!!=D
5 years ago·Reply
nylams ehh, the comics creator is not free a app for ipad. T^T ehhhhhhh I can't use it for my plan. :(
5 years ago·Reply
really? i downloaded it through my n8 and it's free for me... =)
5 years ago·Reply
ehh you're lucky T^T I was hoping I can use it. Imma find another one but for now Imma study first. :)
5 years ago·Reply
hahaah... goodluck on your studies... be seeing you later..^^
5 years ago·Reply