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Redwood National Parks all over California are fantastic to visit to see one of nature's greatest splendors. California's redwood forests are famous for being home to the tallest living things on the planet, but there's much more to these extraordinary woodlands than the size of the trees! You can really enjoy a beautiful sense of peace in the wilderness there. That being said, one of the absolute BEST ways to see these enormous trees is by hiking! There are loads of different hiking options. There are 14+ trails in the North ranging from 0.3 miles to over 7 miles, and varying in difficulty as well. The South's twenty plus trails include some of the routes that are more popular with day hikers as quite a few cross 10 miles. The Coastal area has less redwoods and more ocean, and still nice length to them! Still, as a hiker, I've looked up the areas and think the best way to really see Redwood Park is to go on Tall Trees Trail! This is where you can see an abundance of, you guessed it, Tall Trees! The tallest tree might not be located here (because the trees tops die back after they past young stage, meaning the tallest tree changes quite a lot) but you can see a lot of magnificent trees. You need a permit to drive to the trailhead, but these are easily obtained at the Visitor Center. Why is this trail awesome? Because you get to see tall trees, and you get to walk through some fallen ones that have been cut to provide a path. Either way, it's really awesome! The 3.6 mile hike takes around 4 hours, and it's a really nice day hike if you're just visiting the area. The best time to visit is (surprise surprise) winter! The summer might be driest, but it's also the most crowded, and there might be fog and dust. If you visit in the winter, the rain gets rid of that dust and provides a crisp clearness that can't be found. You'll have to risk rain to avoid it, but you'll see a lot less people on the trail which can be really great. The trail runs gently down to the Redwood River through some amazing groves of huge trees. It is about 1.5 miles down, then there is a 1 mile flat loop at the bottom with really interesting flora along with more huge trees. The best hike is to go: - Emerald Ridge Trail - Redwood Creek - Tall Trees Loop - Tall Trees Trail And then you'll have a nice, 5+ mile hike out!
@TrevorGoldley Unfortunately it changes pretty often and it'd be bad for the forests to encourage that kind of traveling within the forests!
@yakwithalan Most of it is, yes!
Is this national or state parks, or?
I understand why they don't tell the location of the tallest tree, but I SO want to see it, just to know that i have seen it!
@fallingwater yes there are! It's hard to choose where you want to see. I suggest either a lot of hiking time, or, see what else you want to see and pick the things closest to those areas.
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