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Meet Rami - quite possibly the weirdest mix of dog breeds I've ever some across. A pit bull and dachshund mix, I can safely say that I have never seen anything like him before. All of my dogs have been from a shelter, and they've all been the most loving animals I've ever met, so I love sharing stories about other shelter animals that need a forever home. Rami is still looking for his perfect home, but there is good news to this puppy's tail - his current home at Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society in Georgia unknowingly made him an internet super-star! After posting his photo on their Facebook page, his post got over 29,000 hits in one morning. They have received enough offers to adopt Rami that they're taking applications! What do you guys think? Cute or just plain goofy looking?
cute although this rare mix has me wondering how did this happen. I hope the momma dog wasn't a dachshund cuz all I gotta say is ouch but on the flip side how would a male dachshund reach a female pit? Did someone hold him in the air or was she laying down if so someone had to tell her to stay/keep her in a down position or momma pit really wanted...
I used to have a neighbor who crossbred his pitbull w/ a chihuahua as a joke... The pit was female, & she laid down on the ground while the chihuahua went at it. Those were some weird looking puppies, man.
is it for real?
This is a Amazing Pup! I hope Rami gets awesome home and can Play Happily!! Even though Rami is Rare...IT JUST MAKES HER NORE BEAUTIFUL!!.. : )
kinda not right
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