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The advantage of teasing hair is it gives you instant volume. If you hair is flat and thin, this technique can illuminate a fuller hair. However, teasing can also damage your hair if you don't do it properly. I came across a good demonstration of how to tease your hair properly and wanted to share with you all. While the image above explained it pretty clearly, here are some professional tips on teasing hair. 1. Always start with dry hair, because wet hair can severely damage your strands! 2. If you are working with second-day hair use a dry shampoo to encourage volume. 3. Always section off your hair, you want to ease 1' sections at a time. 4. The correct way to tease: hold your hair up and use your brush to backcomb toward your scalp. 5. Smooth your hair with your fingers not with a brush! 6. Carry some hair powder with you, just incase your hair flattens in the middle of the day. A little sprinkle on the roots will poof everything back up!
I think the before looks way better .
Thanks for the tips!