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So, I recently upgraded my Naked Palette to Naked3 and I'm in love with the colors! It has a combination of smooth matte, pearl and metallic shadows that I can use for any occasion. The Naked palette (1st edition) consists of darker hues, so I'm really excited for this one. In light of all the valentine-theme cards I've been see on Vingle, here is a cute v-day eye make for those who want a rosy and sultry look. Tip: Always start with a primer so the colors stay! 1. Start by applying "dust" to your entire eyelid. 2. The use "burnout" to shadow your crease line. 3. After that, blend "nooner" to the outer part of the lid. 4. Highlight under outer brows with "strange" shadow. 5. Finally apply your eyeliner using a liner brush. 6. Use a "black heart" on the bottom lash. 7. Finish with mascara!
I've been looking for a good naked 3 makeup tutorial! thank you :)
@haleighjanea Glad you liked it! I'll post up a few more! I'm loving the naked3 palette.
It looks lovely with or without the false lashes!
like this
Simple. pretty. and not a heavy amount of makeup.
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