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Valentine's day has always been associated with red and pink, but let's change that this year. A little color-blocking will make things more bright, bold, and eye-catching. You don't have to go crazy with the color combo. Mix it a traditional color with an unexpected with do! 1. Orange + Red The word that reminds me of spring is blooming! Whether you're looking for "the one", starting a relationship, stabilizing your relationship this color combo will sure brighten things up! It gives off a fresh and lively impression. 2. Pink + Green Doesn't this color remind you of a beautiful flower? Play with different coordination and texture to make things extra sweet. 3. Hot Pink + Dark Remember the expression "pink is the new black"? Bring the two tones together and you'll get a perfect combo. What's your favorite color-block style for v-day? Will you try it out or go with a solid this year?
Same here @maymay75! Love that blue bag, too.
The pink and black outfit! <3
I never really played with color-block fashion. I'm always afraid of looking like a lego or a cube. Thanks for the style impression! Maybe I'll try to steer away from white/red or solid this year. :)