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This is kind of disgusting and I apologize in advance for this card, but I had to share. You can earn $13,000 a year selling your pop. No, really. Ok, maybe YOU can't, but somebody can (and does) make money doing this. It turns there are actually illnesses and infections that can be cured, slowed or prevented by ingesting fecal matter. There's really only one (C.difficile) right not that can for sure be cured by introducing new matter to the cut through ingestion of fecal matter, that can otherwise leave patients housebond because they cannot control bowel movements. And so, the need for poo donors began. Seriously. It's not easy, though, you have to be incredibly healthy: only about 4% of the 1,000 applicants in the past 2 years have been deemed healthy enough. And then you have to "give" 4 to 5 times a week. That's a lot of poo. And each sample can help a lot of people! Disgusting as it seems, it's kind of awesome that there are these kinds of cures for diseases being food. Since scientists know that people that are obese, have autism and other diseases have different gut flora, we may someday be able to cure some other things as well. So, who's gonna donate?
@drwhat The questions asked to lead to this discovery--surely impressive, but also laughable.
@greggr I don't know. Science is a pretty amazing thing.
I wonder how the first person came to realize this is effective for curing any disease.
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