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I tried to make this represent my favorite artists, but really it turned into the songs that I have the strongest memories for. It just so happens that most of these songs are by my favorite artists, but there was no way I could fit all my favorites into one card! Thanks for this challenge, @MattK95 and @Christy! B1A4 - What Should We Do? This song is close to my heart because it was the first song in Korean that I could listen to and not need any subtitles. I am happy to announce that I could understand every word! That was a really important moment for me, and I always am happy when I listen to it. While it might not be my favorite B1A4 song EVER, it has the strongest memory for me :) Clazzi - How We Feel This is a song that I listen to a lot when I walk around the city at night. It makes me sad but happy at the same time? Really hard to explain, but it really effects me. (Love Hate and Love Mode are two other amazing songs by Clazziquai!) Epik High - Lesson 4 Tablo is one lyricist who never fails to make me think, rethink, and wonder, and this is one song that really does that. Not only is the beat one of my favorite Epik High styles (Tukutz' old use of piano was what made me really fall in love with Epik High in the first place) but the verses raise questions and explore ares not often talked about in "Kpop" EXO - What Is Love? I remember sitting through those millions and millions of teasers for this song to come out, and from the first note I new I was done-for. Baekhyun and Kyungsoo are two of my favorite vocalists in Kpop and this song is basically every reason why. Also -- it came out 2 years ago today. Wow, I haven't changed much have I? G-Dragon - Black I have always loved G-Dragon's (and BIG BANG's) slower songs, and this has got to be one of my favorites. G-Dragon's songs with female features just hit me in a way that a catchy track like 'Good Boy' never could. Lee Hi - Because I think the reason why I am so connected to this song is because I was going through something similar to what this song is about when I first heard it. I felt like the lyrics explained my feeling perfectly and I will never forget that. Nell - Counting Pulses This entire album is incredibly close to my heart. While I don't listen to it often, whenever I hear a single note from it, I am hit with so many great memories. SHINee - Romantic SHINee World was the first Kpop album I ever bought, and these 5 stupid boys were the first group I ever saw debut and grow. I still love them with every beat of my Shawol heart. WINNER - Don't Love Me This is another album I feel in love with immediately, and this was the song that I felt captured a lot of my feelings at the time. I can't wait to see what Winner has in store for us.
I haven't heard this Clazziquai song yet, and it's awesome! I like Seulong too. I always go back and forth between Seulong and Changmin when I'm trying to think of my favorite voice in 2AM.
Wooow I like ur list I listened to ur list twice
@callmekaren thank you for sharing such an awesome list :)
Love the choice of songs!!! :D