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[WINNERS] The Best _____
The votes are in! Here are the winners for the first-ever Vingle Kpop Awards :) - Best Sub-Unit: Super Junior M - Best Concept: VIXX - Error - Best Music Video: 2NE1 - Come Back Home Congratulations to the winners! What do you think of the results? Thank you everyone for being a part of this event and a HUGE thank you to @MattK95, @jiggzy19, @aabxo, and @honeysoo for coming up with this idea and putting in a lot of work to make this successful. Here are the categories: Best Sub-Unit - Best Concept - Best Music Video -
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VIXX and 2NE1 = DAEBAK <3
3 years ago·Reply
awesome :-)
3 years ago·Reply
Somewhere my friends are doing a little happy dance for VIXX.
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Yay these were actually what I voted for!
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