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Introducing Vingle Interest Staff!

Three periods after its inauguration, the Interest Editor system, which relies on passionate Vinglers, has made it possible for many Vingler community leaders to guide their respective communities growth. More and more, the Vingle community has seen how the effort and passion of these leaders has directly affected the rapid improvement of the Vingle experience. Interest Editors, however, have expressed that as the Interest grows, they are finding that they need an active team to help foster a vibrant community. For this reason, the Vingle team has decided to expand the system to include an Interest staff. Interest Editors, now called Moderators to reflect their new status, can elect up to 6 passionate Vinglers from their communities to whom they will designate roles and titles to reflect their status. Interest Staff explanation: 1) Up to six Interest Staff members for each moderated Interest. 2) Interest Staff may be changed at any time. 3) Interest Staff appointments can only be managed by the Moderator via web. Please see images 2-5 for directions on adding and removing Interest staff.