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this is tony hawks response to people calling him a sell out and the way he describes how he grew skateboarding makes me hopeful that someone comes along the longboard community to do as well as he did for skateboarding as a whole.
@ApolloSkating exactly! He revolutionized skateboarding, the problem is that not enough people know about REAL longboarding (not just cruising) so there isn't anyone who's a real "celebrity" who can revolutionize longboarding the way tony hawk did to skateboarding.
IMO longboarding doesn't need to grow in the way he grew skateboarding. He revolutionized skateboarding, changed the way people thought about it. Longboarding is similar to skateboarding, but it's also very different. Longboarding is growing on its own, we don't need a tony hawk. But if there was anyone who grew longboarding it would be Sergio Yuppie or Adam Colton.
Lol your crazy. We could use one of them. It would equal more events, more companies, lowered prices, more respect, more skaters, you just always gotta disagree. @steezus
@steezus but that's the thing tony hawks is more celebrity and he has shaped it a lot and many know his name unlike longboarding, where even myself don't know many legends off the top of my head. It's more he did an amazing job marketing the skate community
@DrakeFreemantle oh. Honestly man, I don't see that happening soon. Skateboarding was revolutionary. Longboarding just sorta branched off that. But I don't think 1 man like tony hawk is gonna be able to do that. There are already longboarding legends, Adam Colton basically invented dancing on his old LBL board. Sergio Yuppie is called the "King of Downhill Slide" because he's the king. The Longboard Girls Crew is showing that girls are just as good, if not better, as men. My point is, we have enough tony hawks. People just don't know enough about longboarding yet.
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