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Chances are, two things are your reality. One, you have kids (and all kinds of chaos). And two, you still have red and peppermint holiday candies. If you can manage to squeeze in FOUR MINUTES, then you can bust a total Awesome Mom move and get these morsels of love into the hands--and mouths--of your kids, your friends, and their kids too! Here's what you need: * Working oven (that doesn't burn the taste of garlic into everything) * Baking sheet. * Pretzels (that haven't been picked over or turned to crumbs) * Kisses (something red and holiday-like will do) * Red M&M's 4-Minutes and you're done: 1. Place flat pretzels on baking sheet 2. Top pretzels with kisses and bake 200* (4-minutes) 3. Remove from heat and press M&Ms down onto soft kisses That's it. You're done. Only thing left to do is change out the laundry, online billing, make lunches, and that filthy kitty litter.... Happy Valentine's Day!
These are so easy and probably so good. I love anything that combines sweet and salty.
I love this one ot is amazing
Me too @danidee
@daniachicago Thx. A little humor goes a long way.
This card is funny. Cool fast recipe too.