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How cool are these?! Fanartist skirtzzz on deviantart made some AWESOME crossovers between Disney Princesses (and other popular characters) in the style of Final Fantasy Cosplay! I love the way the belts and general styling for each costume fits, and there's also the always present animal character and mascot character! I love that people cosplayed her designs! I hope to see the other ones someday, too. Cosplayers: Snow White: Rapunzel: Tiana: Artist:
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The designs are spot on, especially the clothing. I want to see some of the male characters with awesome swords, like an Auron inspired Aladdin or something.
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@timeturnerjones There were a few others! If you follow the deviant art link they're on her profile :) @amog32 Yeah, I think this was focused on feminine characters, but it would be interesting to see even more!
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@vulpix Thanks! I'll check it out
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Frog princess is the best hahaha
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@janekhon I thought it was so funny!! And clever, too~!
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