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Park Shin Hye sat down with OBS Plus for an interview on the 23rd at a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The actress who starred in the recently ended SBS drama, “Pinocchio” said, "While watching Lee Min Ho’s starring film, ‘Gangnam 1970,’ I was shaking during the knife scenes.” Park Shin Hye attended the VIP Premiere of Lee Min Ho’s first film, ‘Gangnam 1970.’ "During the VIP Premiere, I got to see my ‘The Heirs’ co-stars whom I haven’t seen in a while, we all sat in the same row. Woobin, JinHyuk Oppa, and Minhyukie; the four of us gathered together." She continues, "During the movie, I kept flinching and shaking during the knife fighting scenes that Jinhyuk Oppa who was sitting next to me laughed so hard and kept asking if I was okay.” she recalled. "Since I’ve been acting along side with Dalpo in ‘Pinocchio,’ I’ve only seen sweet and loving acting, since it’s such a strong movie, I was shocked as I haven’t seen that in a while. The expression in Kim Rae Won Sunbaenim’s eyes were very impressive. While watching the movie, my body was subconsciously shaking but later calmed down." she confessed. In addition, she said "Later on, Minho Oppa said to me, ‘The movie was too rough (violent) for you wasn’t it?’ they dissed me saying ‘Our Shinhye is very fragile.’ Jinhyuk Oppa who was next to me was really worried for me that I would have body aches.” I'm really want to watch this movie -_-