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Make Your Own Scratch-Off for Valentine's Day

Finally! A reason to love science. This project comes from Alison and her website And it's all about chemistry: 2 parts paint, 1 part dish soap. That's pretty much it. So let's get started. If you're not entirely creative, then this project should be liked, clipped, and shared, but no more. If you are creative, then you too should like, clip and share. But then get this project DONE. Create a fun card or lottery ticket or whatever that requires you to make homemade scratch-off stuff. That's what this card is all about. Materials: * Card or something with love sayings (to be revealed) * Dish soap (any kind will do) * Silver metallic paint (from a craft store) * Clear contact paper 1. Mix 2 parts paint to 1 part soap. Don't over think it; just eyeball it 2. Roll out a square piece of contact paper (enough to cover your creative design) 3. Paint on the mixture and let dry 1 hour 4. Paint a second coat of mixture over first layer 5. Cut out your desired shape from dried paper 6. Gently peel off contact paper from design 7. Firmly press silver cut-out onto your design Kinda embarrassing that this project is super cool and crazily easy. Like, who can't do this?! I may not have a Valentine this year, but I would love to use this technique to make fun quirky lottery cards for friends and family. They're all winners, of course. What will you do with this cool scratch-off DIY technique?
This is way too easy! I am heading to Marshall's right now! (and by Marshall's I mean the store, not @marshalledgar's house LOL!)
What a crazy clever idea. I want to do this for birthdays too.
Any occasion is scratch-off time. lol
LOL That's a good one @sophiamor Now, you have to give us all the details on how your project came out. We all really want to know!
Between the likes and clips, how many are going out this weekend to get the materials to make this project a fun and flirty reality? lol Love to hear.
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