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Daily Dose of Writing
Here's an entry that should vary from person to person. It's also something that I personally enjoy doing when I finish reading a series that either had a rushed ending or an ending I felt was way too cheesy. :) January 30, 2015 Write a short alternate ending to a book you've read. The only rule is that this ending cannot end in happily ever after. January 28, 2015 Write out the moments of a police officer on his daily route just a few minutes before a terrorist attack. January 26, 2015 Write the eulogy of an alien who betrayed his race to save mankind. January 22, 2015 Write out the very busy schedule of Henry the Lion, the star of the National Zoo.
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Ohhh! You want us to write sad things :( Or, just realistic things I suppose. I'll have to choose a book
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One of my favorite things to do is imagine the what-ifs of how a book could have, should have, might have ended.
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