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It seems like Suge Knight has not learned his lesson. He has now been arrested by Los Angeles police for his involvement of the hit and run of 2 men last night. The 2 victims, both in their 50s, were said to have been in an argument with Knight moments before the incident. 1 victim, 55, died at the scene. Knight's lawyers are claiming that Suge was fleeing for his life when he hit these men. In other words, they are saying that he basically did it in self-defense. So... at least, they have admitted that they cannot deny he killed this man. It is truly incredible that such a successful hip hop mogul, Suge co-founded death row records with Dr. Dre, could be this... I do not even have the word for it. He has filed for bankruptcy, and now faces murder charges. These are our role models...
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It's about time he got more prison time. This guy is dangerous.
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