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So one of my Zealous bearings rusted from unexpected rain. I tried reviving it by descaling the ring and replacing the bearing balls. I lubed it up, and seems to be working fine, but wondering if anybody has ever done the same and had problems, like bearings busting and stuff.
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@NickRadis Zealous uses really thick lube, so they're supposed to be more resistant against water and dirt. They don't clean themselves lol. I would have not but it was completely rusted, so you know. Not like I could just ride it without cleaning or lubing it.
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@BrandonTremmel has had problems like that
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I lost 4 zealous bearings and a blood orange bearing because of rain I don't have the ability to fix them so whatever
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goo gone to clean, pat dry with towel, lube with speed cream
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I've done this, what I did was I let the bearings rest in rubbing alcohol for 10 minutes, let them dry, then lubricated them. it has worked for my abec 7, bones reds ceramics, and sector nine push don't pollute bearings.
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