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Seattle Teacher Files Against Police

A Seattle area teacher who was pepper sprayed on Martin Luther King Day during a peaceful rally is filing a lawsuit against the Seattle police. As you can see in the video, this dude was just walking down the road (that was being blocked by police) and the woman was yelling at no one specific to back up and sprayed kind of wildly into the air. Now, I don't necessarily think that he should get $500,000 for this (he was barely hit) but that's not the issue I'm seeing here. What I see is that cops such as this woman just don't have control over what they're doing in the way they should. If there was a perceived threat, she should not handle it by wildly spraying pepper spray into the crowd! Check out the video. What do you think?
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(I've thought about it a lot since posting the card and changed my mind a bit!)
Of course he should sue for $500k. Even if he doesn't get that money, it gets the proper attention.
@suranimh I had a similar feeling. If she had drawn a gun and shot this would be an even worse matter; this is already an issue in just this small version, though.
unless there is a riot or attack d only respond is either flee from d situation for safety sake. based on d vid, people were being onlookers, none seem threatening. guess d policelady was overreacting overcautious. had she drawn out gun then is a different story.
Was there actually a commotion she was responding to? It seems as if nothing is happening, just some people walking. What was threatening her?
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