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:: When you start to notice the differnce between the words i love you. You notice that some people say it because they mean it and then theres others who start to say it out of habit. You notice that they mean it when they are doing the same as when they first fell in love with you. But then theres a change. Thats when you know that they say it out of habit....when they start to just act out of sex.... like when you want them to listen to a song and then take it the wrong way. Not even thinking of the real meaning.... when everything they do is always touching you sexualy.... when they start to hide when they start to just start not to care.... when that kind of i love you hits.... its the clue that they really dont love you anymore... its time for you to walk away.... the difference between the true i love you and the habit i love you..... its hard to notice but you will see the change... i have....
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All I can say is that when you see that change, it's time to step away. We aren't just bodies, but souls.