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"In the day of judgment, there will be two bridges, suspended between mount olives and the temple mount. One made of thin paper and one made of iron. The souls of the just people will walk on the paper bridge and make it trough, while the souls of the sinners will fall down even if they try to cross the iron bridge. But you, my children, although you could cross on the paper bridge, remember to use the iron bridge, just to be on the safe side." Her grandmother used to say that to her children, or at least that's what her father used to tell her when she was little. This was his way to convey to her the core family values. Be honest and just, but never trust that alone to get you anywhere. Making it trough in this world requires brutal realism, endless determination and lot's of hard work. She sees things a bit differently now. They are extremely complex people, full with contradictions. To hold all that together, requires strong convictions and a cause. At times when she didn't know where she was heading, it never felt like she was lost but like she was falling apart. The iron bridge is a metaphor for a constant need for reinforcements. She remembers herself 21 years old, alone on a train into London. This solitude, it is also part of the package deal. Endless work was not just the only way to prefect her pointe technique, but also a mean for avoiding thinking about how lonely she was. Its funny how everybody in the Royal Academy must have felt the same, but very few friendships were formed. The competition was way to harsh. The academy's staff seemed to promote this negative tension between the students. It was considered part of the learning technique. Looking back at her life, perhaps the one thing she is most proud of is that in her studio it wasn't like that.
@orenshani7 I'm happy to wait a little. I just have an endless curiosity, you see!
@timeturnerjones, I wondered when this will be asked :-) . No. If you read carefully, you will notice that we are following two different women now.
@orenshani7 Oh, seeing it! This is great.
You can wait a little, or you can figure out who I am writing about. There are enough clues in the text already.
@orenshani7 @timeturnerjones I felt a different vibe here. And, I think, the ages must be different as well unless one of them married very, very young. Or, we are in a different time period.
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