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This article is utter rubbish. The romance lacked something special? WTH is this reporter smoking? I mean, I understand that everyone can have their personal opinions and if one couple appeals to someone it doesn't mean it will appeal to everyone...but to say that the romance was weak in Faith, when everywhere I go I hear nothing but praise for the amazing chemistry and well-developed romance storyline? Despite Faith having so many weaknesses, romance was NOT one of them.
Faith is a good drama,,,no matter what the LMH hater would say...I dont care,,,I enjoyed watching it and I like the story line..
Yes the reporter is being way too harsh. I loved everything about Faith. For me, Faith is the epitome of drama addiction. KHS and LMH pulled off an impeccable performance in this hugely romantic time slip drama of a couple who transcend time and space and fall in love while stirring incredible chemistry with their dialogues throughout the drama through their powerful body languages and eye and facial expressions to express their characters’ inner feelings with strong emotional intensity and depth. The above reporter is very short sighted and narrow minded about his/her criticism of this epic drama.
regret my ass... I live in the Netherlands and all my friends watch it.. after that, we attack dramabeans and koala playground and soompi.. they are millions of them FAITHLINGS....
very well said yourinsomnia
@sabrinamagsajo yeah you are right! the romance wasn't sappy but still incredibly special, not only to me but to scores of fans who were obsessed about the drama. what pissed me off is that the writer of the article pretends to speak for those fans without having a clue what we actually thought and not even trying to ascertain whats really going on (if he expressed just his opinion it would have been totally fine by me)
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