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Here's a true story. For my very first date in college, my roommate decided to give me a makeover. I still remembered I was wearing a red plaid shirt and jeans, trying to make soft waves with my flat iron in front of the mirror. My roommate came in and asked if I needed help. As someone who isn't good with saying "no" I replied "sure." Little did I know, I ended up with extremely tight curls and I had to pin up my bangs because it was bothering my eyes. She was about to do my makeup and suddenly the door bell rang (Guess I didn't have time to say "no" to the makeup and straighten out my hair). She went and opened the door and I walked out with my new hairdo. He was smiling I guess it's a good sign. As we walked out the door, he couldn't stop laughing. Then he blurted out, "What's up with your ramen hair?" I laughed and told him, "Long story." Even though the hair didn't go well, the date went pretty well. We watched "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1" (2010), had dinner at Islands (burger place), and got dessert at Golden Spoon. It was quite a a memory! Till this day I still laugh about it. You're probably wondering why I'm sharing this story. Here's the reason I want to convey: 1. There's no perfect first date makeup. 2. Don't go overboard with your makeup or outfit. 3. Just be your confident self and have fun. 4. Your smile and laughter is prettier than any makeup.
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I approve of any and all dates that end with Golden Spoon.