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I have seen a lot of brands of slide gloves, but I have settled on a type of slide glove I can do. I plan on purchasing these in the next couple of days, if anyone thinks I shouldn't, please explain. :)
Thanks everyone! I'm probably reconsidering making this purchase
Don't get them. They are not durable at all. I've used sector 9 and holsom. So far I love Holsom
If you look at previous posts, Sector 9 aren't really all that durable. Problem with straps, tearing with ease, and possibly pucks getting ripped off. For the same price, maybe get a different brand?
I'd look into the blood orange gloves, or landyachtz gloves. blood orange gloves with wholesome pucks are the shit
S9 really aren't too durable and the Velcro is worthless after a couple weeks the Velcro on both the strap and on the pucks. After two months the seam between the thumb and index are coming undone.
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