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So had good active day doing two of my favorite sports, longboarding and paintball. Started off with free admission into paintball because of an anniversary event so saved money there. Tried out the gun I got for Christmas and it's definitely better than renting a gun every time. Then after my friends and I were done paintballing we went longboarding. Practicing slides on my Landyachtz Loco 37", bear trucks, 87a venom bushings standard, barrel board side cone roadside, and of and finally my James Kelly inspired RAD wheels 70mm 80a which I have to say I'm falling in love with. I can say I feel a good bit more confident in what I can do sliding. It feels a lot more natural to kick out for slides, feel mor in control of the slide, and the decompression and return to original position are going more smoothly. I feel really good about my skills as a longboarder I'm really looking forward to warmer weather and maybe going to a slide jam so I can get some tips from more experienced riders. Love all you guys on here and your tips but hands on learning is always the best.
Nice! I used to play paintball back in the day, I had an '04 impulse with a halo a, way back in the day ha
I've been thinking about trying RAD wheels
Go for it they're pretty awesome.