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I am so excited when I am writing this article. Well...I am having my leaves again and again only spending it with books, a pen, a journal, and my favourite snack. Those things could have been the best companion when you choose to stay at home. I cannot wait to share how I am blessed by this book called "Godwink Stories". It is written by husband and wife Squire Rushnell and Louise Duart. This is really a good Christian book. Telling us how many "Godwinks" have happened in our life and this book has also been a "Godwink" to me. Here are some "Godwinks" that really wink at me : Godwink #1. Life Partner Talking about forever life partner united in a marriage could be very frustating when you have reached this number "25" and of course more. We (if you feel so) many times fall to a short-term relationship and end in sorrow because we cannot wait any longer. On the other hand, our long-time relationship never ended in a marriage because we aren't sure about our partner. This book ensures me that God has the right one for us. Just wait the time, his time. The one that He gives us will bring us closer to Him. Godwink #2. How Important Ourselves are Personally, I have many times questioned myself about the importance of my presence in this world. I have many times put myself in the lowest level. Meaningless! But through His Words written in this book and the stories supporting the Words I realize that God uses us everyday in His way that we may not understand. He uses our smile to bless people. He uses our hands to help the others. He uses our life to be His light. Even small things we are meaningful to Him. Start from something small He will use us for something bigger. Godwink #3. Hope How do we find hope? Turn to God! He is my only hope when the world just dissapoint me. When the troubles wink at us remember to wink back at them and say "Hey my Lord God is bigger than you". Yes, we have the lively God who always watch us and know our situation. The Truest Friend we can always trust and lean onto. So, guys what is the "Godwink" from you? One thing I like about this book is it always uses the God's scriptures as the main encouragement for us so not only the people's stories. Go get this book and share the blessings.
@moya23 All books should be read this way, you're correct!
Well yes this book had a big impact on me. And yes in my point of view a book especially the religious one can be so meaningful for us if we don't just read it as written alphabets but we really have the experiences that make us wants to read the book and apply it to see how it works.
It seems the book had a big impact on you @moya23. I'll be sure to look it up as well.
I'll be honest, I'm not really one to read any sort of religious texts (I'm Christian, but not in much more than name). however, I think these books sound like they can just teach us to be a little bit happier with all situations we're in. I'll see if the library has any of them.