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I literally just seen this commercial and I was like woah!!! I swear I was the only one in my house who knew of 2NE1 and knew the song. It's amazing how far they've come. Apparently it's been out for a while but I've just now seen it. oh well lol, has anyone seen this??
Age doesn't have anything to do with the style of music you like. I'm 52 years old and I'm a k- popper.;).
I was at work when I saw it yesturday just like you I was the only one who knew the song and I have not turned the tv on in ages since I bury myself in kpop and kdramas. I was like yes! kpop take over America
Oh, and I was also tickled to see that 2ne1 got an American commercial. Hope the idea trends.
i saw this and i was soooooo happpyyy its about time :)
@NatalieHardin Haha, I agree with that movement! :) @honeysoo Your mom is awesome! :)
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