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RTabcontents: [#Agatha - December 1926, Agatha Christie disappeared one day history of fever, musical "Agatha> preview a casting show schedule! Wed, January 14th 15:00 Preview ticket opening, do not forget :)… ________________________________ RTKBSKISSTHERADIO: This week <. Hello key pro>! Along with Super Junior periods' :) Indeed, Super Junior member of the Governance ryeokdi and telepathy today - Who? Ten o'clock tonight, check live! ________________________________ RTabcontents: [# Agate ] Tomorrow Preview ticket open ! Do not forget to come we 'll meet ️ # January 14 _3 preview tickets Open City # # # Hongik Daehakro Arts Center Theatre # February 11 ________________________________ RT@abcontents : #Agatha ] Agatha in the past to be a novelist, and it is a dream, so wrapped up in his comeback on plagiarism impossible for the pain of passing by the vulgar Raymond station nearly liquor-hyuk (Ryan) to UK and won and #14, 3:00 p.m. _ #preview ticket open ________________________________ RTKimSooro: musical . Agatha . February 11 Hits film . Kim Soo Ro project kkajiwaneun now quite a different feel . " Agatha " woohyeonyoung danjangnim choreography makes this piece reminds truly special . I 'll give the best the staff of the Republic of Korea enshrining very entertaining your eyes and ears . Nod ♡ ________________________________ As a super idol shop carries its ㅋㅋㅋ blah @ vin0266: Super Junior / Super Junior 's kisstheradio / Ryeowook ________________________________ RTKBSKISSTHERADIO: move the seat from Sunday to Thursday , Well ~~ missing 'S Line Chart Show' Ryeokdi & Ji-sook & silver & changseop , with a look later ^^ ________________________________ The new podcast channel, < feat last radio boy > has been open ________________________________ RTgagameljin: 2015 Boy Detective Agatha Raymond musical !!! Shooting four people celebrate both past and stories of Raymond dragged back and forth now gathered ^^ February 11 will wait too . Please with us to expect ________________________________ RTKBSKISSTHERADIO: girlfriend of the main vocal , Music girl yujuui 'I Knew You Were Trouble' LIVE ________________________________ Translation Credit: