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If you loved FC3, would you give FC4 a hoot?
It's not bad, but it's not innovative. More of the same from Ubisoft that anyone can expect now.
It has all the same mechanics, it's basically Farcry 3 in a different location with a few new features. That being said, I don't entirely agree with the article. It is an open world game, you must play through the game in order to make other areas safe and playable, but it absolutely is open world.
@hunahuna Playable yes, but repeat play....definitely not. I played FC3 twice over, loved the mechanics. FC4 just didn't cut it. The variety is there but it just misses out on the very thing that makes it a smokin' FPS. A true worth of a game is the repeat play. In an FPS, it's just gotta have that.