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Me and @BrandonTremmel were in a parking lot of a tire center, and we were staying in one corner of it (doing some slides) and this guy walks up to us and says we can't "skateboard" here because they don't want to be blamed for any "accidents". First of all, we weren't in the way of anyone or anything, and second of all, we have longboards. Nobody really cares until that guy arrived. That parking lot corner was sloped, so we could get some good speed. So our fun was ruined. :(
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Yeah same here it's about a 15 ride from my house, longboard ride that is.
Whenever I hit a private spot I usually do like two runs and dip out of there so my spots r never compromised
I'll be back. I'll never be gone from that spot for good.
All they said was to leave, not to never come back. :)
We left like he told us, but he was a dick about it