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did I revealed to the picture is taken. The gangmyeongho brother !!!!! ㅋㅋ ________________________________ ..Omo~~SuJu will be appearing tomorrow...How long has it been..I'm shaking..Our oppas, do well!!!!!^^..SuJu fanboy~SuJu fanboy~SuJu fanboy~~.. ________________________________ ..A lot of you will come and support us right?.. ________________________________ ..This looks pretty cool..Who is this?.. ________________________________ ..i don't know how long I've waited for this stage. It was bearable because its the reason of my life and also my everything. the people that I feel confident and thankful to whenever I'm with them, our members..!!and our E.L.F who screamed at the top of their lungs to support us. Sincerely, thank you, I love you and I'm're prepared to run together with us for 2015 right??!!!I love you.. ________________________________ ..Thank you kids!!!!!!..ㅠㅠ.. ________________________________ I'm so excited..My heart is beating fast..I still can't that it ended well i will work hard this year!!.. ^^ thank you ________________________________ I will work even harder!!^^ as compared to outshining Dongyeop-hyung, if I want to try to be a little bit as good as he is, it seems I'll still need to practice a lot. Thank you The article that he linked says; leeteuk's talking skills outshines Shin Dongyup ________________________________ ..I did a solo photoshoot for the march issue of 'celebrity'..!!because it hasn't been released yet so I can only reveal this much..please give it lots of love when it comes out^^.. ________________________________ ..Heechul's noona's wedding..Congratulations^^..Live well!!our noona is going (to get married) soon too right?..ㅋㅋ ________________________________ korea's national soccer team, you guys have worked hard!!!!..Watching soccer after a long time and its such a touching and exciting..^^ it was really cool!!!The best!!!.. ________________________________ Translation Credit: