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It's normal to have a few strands shed throughout the day, but if you should be aware if you notice an increasing amount of hair clogging your shower drain. It might be a sign of hair loss and here's how you can preserve your hair. 1. If you have a habit of putting your hair up, avoid using tight elastic. 2. Never step into the shower without detangling your hair. A soft bristle brush can help you smooth out the strands for better cleansing. 3.Try not to yank on your roots when brushing your hair! 4. Always comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb when wet. 5. Once in a while use a botanic hair oil on your scalp at night to keep the skin supple and encourage hair growth. 6. Avoid perming your hair because the heat will weaken your hair which promote hair loss.
Also eating enough iron has a pretty big effect too!
I have to share this with my sister. Her hair falls off so much and she never clean. Rolling all over the floor and and clogging my bathtub. Hate it :(
I never heard of #5. I want to learn more about it now!
@sophiamor That's true a healthy and balanced diet helps hair stay strong!
@iluvdurian31 It's part of a girl's life.