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This rustic coaster is a perfect additional to any desk. It can be a cute centerpiece or a gift to someone special. Materials: Wood log Miter saw Sand paper Polyurethane Clear Gloss Heart stencil (optional) Paint- two colors, one for heart, one for initials Paintbrush Directions: 1. Cut wood log into approximately 2 inch slices using a miter saw. Sand each coaster a bit to remove rough sides (do not sand side). Apply one layer of clear gloss polyurethane. 2. Once dry, grab your stencil heart and paint. Let dry and write you and your love's initials. 3. Let dry and apply another layer of gloss polyurethane to seal.
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This brings back my childhood memory of carving the tree.
I love these! I actually taught an art project similar to this at an elementary school a couple months ago. Kids love working with these wood slices. (And yes, if you're not familiar or comfortable slicing up logs yourself, you can definitely buy pre-cut rounds at a craft store.)
I'll probably make a mess slicing up the logs, I'll go with the pre-cut rounds like @danidee suggested.