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If your significant other (or, best friend, should you like to gift them something instead!) happens to love coffee like I do, these are some things I really recommend you get for them! They'll appreciate the gesture, and be their happy, caffeinated selves. Should any boys come asking what I want for Valentine's Day, direct them to this list :) 1) A 12-month subscription to a monthly coffee bean program! Basically, this means they'd get to try some new coffees every.single.month for one year! And they'd think of you each time :) There's so many good ones available, too! 2) A gift card to their favorite coffee spot! They might be a Starbucks lover, or more of a local-coffee roaster lover. Either way, you can get them a gift card to that location and basically you're gifting them what they'd be buying anyways, so you can't go wrong! Just make sure to personalize it. 3) Enroll them in a home brewing or roasting workshop! A lot of cities have these awesome classes now, which means that those people that want to learn how to up their coffee game at home can do it. I took a coffee class once where we learned the different types of home brewing, and even tried home roasting, and it was SO fun! You could even take it together! 4) A book, such as The Infinite Emotions of Coffee, about the world of coffee! If your coffee lover really wants to the learn the history of coffee, or how coffee is brewed throughout the world, this will do the trick. 5) A cup of coffee brewed by you. Cheesy, but you'll be surprised just how much starting the day with a coffee brewed with love can improve one's mood!
@danidee It's so fun!!! I've only done it one and kind of weird because i did it over an open gas flame (lol don't judge) but it was really, really cool to see. TIring to do by hand because you have to keep them moving the whole time
3 sounds a lot of fun!! I want to learn how to roast my own beans.
I didn't know coffee subscriptions like that existed. I'm gonna buy myself one :D