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If I can go back to the 1920s, Daisy's hairstyle would be my favorite party and special occasion hairdo. It's effortless and glamorous at the same time. All you need is a fun headband to get the flapper's flair. [STEPS] 1. Place the headband over the head, lining the front up with your hairline. 2. Grab the hair directly in front of your right ear and wrap it around the band so the ends hang back down again. 3. Combine this with the hair directly next to it and wrap it around the band again as in step 2. 4. Now, take the next section of hair, bringing it up towards the band but instead of tucking it in simply hold it over the band. 5. Then, take the remaining hair and push it all up towards the band forming a clump or ball shape. 6. Push the hair down so it tucks into the band but the ends remain sticking out. 7. Pull down a few pieces on the side so it has a more asymmetrical feel and covers the left ear. 8. Gently pull the hair on top to loosen it slightly.
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This is so cute. And wonderfully easy wedding hair.
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I would have never thought of wrapping my hair to hide the headband! Brilliant!
3 years ago·Reply
I would look like a mess if I did this hairstyles. Someone needs to help me.
3 years ago·Reply
Not only does the hairstyle resembles Daisy, the model also looks like her!
3 years ago·Reply
I Love♡ this one too :-)
2 years ago·Reply